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We offer services in ASIC or FPGA based Design, Verification and Validation Servicesby providing qualified domain experts in Design, Verification and Integration.We also support ODC model service

  1. FPGA/RTLDesignServices
  2. VLSIVerificationServices

SocBridge's expertise in various Protocols, Design, Verification and Validation. Protocols

  • Fast Ethernet
  • PCIe
  • USB
  • AXI
  • AHB
  • APB
  • MIPI
  • SATA
  • DDR
  • I2C


  • RTL Design & IP Development
  • Micro-architecture Design
  • SOC buses like AXI, AHB and APB.
  • SoC Integration
  • SDC Generation and Static Timing Analysis
  • Gate ECO and Validation
  • ATE Vector Generation and Debug
  • Chip Bringup and System Debug
  • Algorithm Development


  • Verifying SOC buses like AXI, AHB and APB.
  • Handling IP, Subsystem level verification
  • Assertion based verification.
  • Expertise in Verilog/VHDL/System Verilog and UVM(Universal Verification Methodology).
  • SDC Generation and Static Timing Analysis
  • Functional Verification


  • C/C++ based SoC validation
  • IP Validation on Hardware Platforms.