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SocBridge having domain exptertise on Embedded Vision and Image processing on different platforms like,

* TI's DM365/DM385

* Cypress USB Controller for MIPI and Parallel Sensor interface.

* Xilinx Zynq SoC etc.

We provides image processing solutions like,

* Image format conversion

* Codecs

* Object Identification

* Color Identification

* Video Overlay Display

* Image Sensor Pipe line tuning

* Image sensor interfacing to the MCU

* Video data transmission through USB

* UVC, USB3Vision and GigEVision protocol implementation.

* FPGA based imaging algorithms.

We expertise in Embedded Vision solutions like,

* Machine Vision Camera interfacing to the MCU.

* Object counting

* Object Grading

* Barcode Scanning

* Part Measurement

* Defect identification etc.